Exhibits from the Kennedy Center to San Jose to Tokyo. Designs and patterns and magazines and books. Workshops from Houston to the coasts and across the oceans. Commissions and Collections. Patchwork and Applique. It's all here as a reflection of a relationship with quilts that crosses two centuries and stretches into the future.

About Diann Logan

Diann Logan has been involved with quilts for years. She made her first quilt in 1975 and then moved into the field of designing. Her work has been widely exhibited, affording her national and international recognition. Her quilts/patterns have appeared in numerous publications, ranging from Ms. Magazine to Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. Oxmoor House released Designs in Patchwork, 28 of her original designs, in 1987. Though initially noted for patchwork, her first large scale applique quilt, Freedom Wreath, was selected as Colorado's representative and awarded a Judge's Choice Award in The Great American Quilt Festival, an exhibit to celebrate the Statue of Liberty Centennial. She is a faculty member of the University of Colorado Denver and the author of two books about the experience of getting older. The Navel Diaries: How I Lost My Belly Button and Found Myself was published in 2015. Dear Navel Diary, Are You Listening? followed in 2020. Both books are available at diannloganauthor.com, where she blogs about becoming a mature woman, and are also available here and on Amazon.


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